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FeaturesInterface overview

  • A private database of hands in the cloud

    Your poker hands are stored in the cloud, maintained on our servers. If you play poker on several computers - say, if you switch between your laptop and a desktop - you don't have to worry about transferring your data. Unlike other software, with PokerTableStats everything is handled automatically! Only you will have access to the statistics you accumulate on your opponents. They are not disclosed to anyone else. You only see stats on players you have acquired - even if other people using PokerTableStats played with the same players, statistics are kept in separate databases. This is why the software is legal on PokerStars.

  • Hole Cards Ranking

    PokerTableStats automatically calculates the strength of your hole cards and displays the result on a power scale of all possible starting hands combinations. This statistic, among other things can help you with:

    • Deciding whether to Fold, Call or RaisePreflop
    • Making ICM (Independent Chip Model) decisions
    • Making Push or Fold decisions

  • Draw Meter

    The Draw Meter shows you how many outsyou need to improve your hand - in other words, the odds to improve to a poker hand that has a high probability to win the pot. The strength of a draw is calculated by the number of cards that you need on the Turn and River to complete the hand. For example: an Open Ended Straight Draw is stronger than an Inside Straight Draw. A more detailed description can be found in the Help section along with the probability of various Draws and the number of Outs.

  • Mini HUD stats

    If you're using the Professional version or higher, the statistics summary displayed for each player at the table will help you infer the style your opponent plays. The statistics tell you how frequently a player takes a specific actions, including: voluntary put money in pot, preflop raise, aggression frequency, 3bet, fold to continuation bet, and fold to steal. Read more about these statistics in the Help section, where all stats are described in detail. You can also find information how to configure the HUD's layout.

  • HUD statistics

    In order to get more complex reads on your opponents, you'll want to use this additional window, where you can view detailed statistics on each player, broken down by the different phases of the game. Here, you can also learn valuable information on blind stealing, broken down by each position. All statistics are described in the guide, which can be found in the Help section. You can also click on the picture to the side to see how the complete window looks.

  • See opponents' (Mucked cards).

    If your opponent mucked his cards - because he didn`t want you to see them - you can instantly view them in PokerTableStats. This will give you valuable information about your opponent's tactics and help you to adjust and play better vs him, like choosing when its best to Value Bet.

  • Tournament calculations (PokerStrategy, Harrington, BB)

    The PokerStrategy score is defined and described by PokerStrategy. You can read more about it in our glossary of terms or on the PokerStrategy website by clicking the button below. Harrington Effective M is calculated using small blind and big blind values and the number of players. In the simplified version, it is calculated by dividing your stack by the size of the blinds.

  • Pot Odds in real time

    Pot Odds is a statistic that allows you to compare the odds you are receiving from the pot with the odds that you will hit your draw. The smaller the Pot Odds, the more profitable it is to remain in the hand by trying to hit your Outs to make a winning hand. All of this is is accurately calculated by the +EV statistic which compares Pot Odds to the number of Outs you have in the hand.

  • Hand Strength Meter in Realtime

    Hand Strength Meter is a statistic that visually presents the strength of your hand. If it is filled entirely, it means that you've got the Nuts, which is the best possible hand. If it is near empty, it means you have no chance of winning the hand. Its value is based on the community cards, your hole cards and all the possible starting hands of your opponents!

  • You and your opponent's odds of winning

    PokerTableStats shows you what you and your opponent's probability of getting a particular hand in poker. Thanks to this, you don`t have to waste time wondering if your opponent can have a Straight or any other hand.

  • Multilingual Software (28 languages)

    PokerTableStats is available in 28 languages, so we can reach users for whom English creates a language barrier. The software interface is available in the following languages: English, English UK,Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, Español, Eesti, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Íslenska, Latviešu, Lietuvių, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português BR, Português PT, Română, Slovenija, Svenska, Suomi, Български, Русский, Українська, 繁體中文

  • It works with other programs for performing post-hand analysis.

    Thanks to the fact that the software has the ability to turn off the HUD statistics, it can be easily used with other analytical software like PokerTracker and Holdem Manager. Using both in combination, you can continue to use PokerTableStats and your other post-hand analysis programs. It is a good solution for people who benefit from such software and have already built a database of their hands which they do not want to lose, but would want to add PokerTableStats, to display statistics in real time.

  • Table Tiling and Software Scaling

    PokerTableStats is able to tile tables on your screen, so that the tables are as big as possible, and makes any space unused for poker as small as possible. This way you can utilize the size of your screen to the fullest. After opening a new table, it will be automatically set to be clearly visible and not overlap with other tables (this option can be turned off in software configuration).