PokerTableStats - Poker odds calculator
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Increase your Profits!

  • Real time stats (Pot Odds, Outs, M, Pocket rank)
  • It gives you a visual presentation of hand's strength, cards, pot odds, and draws
  • It shows opponent's mucked cards!
  • HUD stats (on the table)
  • Statistics database in cloud computing
  • Identify your opponents' playing style
  • Compatible with other programs (PT, HM)
  • Easy to use, feature-rich poker calculator


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PokerTableStats is recommended by

It's legal on PokerStars


PokerTableStats software is certified by PokerStars, so you can legally use it! More info here!

Easy to use, feature-rich poker calculator

magic wand

After opening a poker table, PTS shows up automatically, attaches itself to the table and shows you the necessary statistics.

It analyzes the game


PokerTableStats analizes the game in real time and gives you tips to help you make better decisions.



PokerTableStats attaches to the poker table window, automatically scales itself to match the size of the window and can automatically tile the windows.

It improves EV decisions


By making more and more better decisions, you'll become a better player who earns more than others at the table.



If you have any problems with using PokerTableStats, or you've spotted something that does not work the way it is supposed to, please write to us! We will be happy to help.